Angel Wings Silver Pendant in Silver

Angel Wings Silver Pendant

Add an angelic touch to your jewelry collection with our Angel Wings Silver Pendant.

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Add an angelic touch to your jewelry collection with our Angel Wings Silver Pendant. This pendant is one of our favourites here at Boru. It has two rose gold plated Angel wings and they are covered in Cubic Zirconia stones. In the centre of the pendant is also a Trinity Knot, with a larger Cubic Zirconia stone underneath it.

The rose gold plated wings on this unique Celtic pendant are carved to feature a feathered effect. Conveying a sense of timeless beauty, this Angel Wings Silver Pendant will put a glamourous spin on even the most basic outfit. The Angels wings will bring you protection and the Cubic Zirconia stones will give you a bit of sparkle.

The Trinity Knot symbol in the centre decorates our illuminated ancient manuscripts such as The Book of Kells and is also found on Celtic crosses and Celtic stones all around Ireland.

The Celtic Trinity knot is also called the “Triquetra” which is Latin for a three-cornered shape.  The Trinity knot is the most well know Celtic knot. In the Christian faith, the three points of the Trinity knot represent the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

However, in modern times, a stunning Celtic Pendant such as this, is given as a token of promise. To love, to honour and to protect. This Angel Wing pendant would make a beautiful gift for a good friend or a loved one.

We also have plenty of Celtic Bracelets and Bangles that would look great with this handmade Irish pendant.


Weight: 4.6 grams approx.

Height: 20 mm approx.

Width: 19.2 mm approx.

Chain: 18″ Silver Spiga

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