A legacy born of passion.

As a family business, we approach everything with families in mind. We understand the special place that jewelry holds in the hearts of families around the world, and we’re committed to creating exquisite pieces that will be treasured forever. Our work means everything to us if our pieces mean everything to you.

Our story started back in the mid 1980s, when the company was originally called Celtic & Heraldic. Under this name, we initially produced Family Coat of Arms Jewelry that showcased the proud family heritage of people all over the world.

This was the ‘first’ of many and we quickly established a reputation as the company that would be the first to try new things, always leading the way within our industry. For example, we were also the original designers of the now infamous ‘Mo Anam Cara’ ring and we were the first manufacturer to use the Claddagh symbol on a wedding band. Where we led, others followed.

In 2003 the company changed ownership and our rebirth began under the husband and wife team of Lisa and Paul O’Neill. From the outset, we wanted to show that we valued loyalty and people, and so we kept the majority of Celtic & Heraldic’s original skilled craftsmen, while focusing on improving efficiency, production and customer service to progress the company.

Our craftsmen have trained all over the world, from Turkey to Germany, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Under our Head Craftsman guidance, our polishers and stone setters work together to produce truly unique pieces that are treasured by customers all over the world.

Lisa and Paul decided to rebrand to the name you know now – Boru. The rebranding received the same great thoughtfulness that all of our designs do. Inspired by Brian Boru, considered by many to be the last great High King of Ireland, it’s a name that transfers the qualities of creativity and energy. Inspiring and energetic, Brian Boru established himself as a patron of the arts and learning and he presided over a period of great craftsmanship of jewelry, incredible manuscripts and intricate stone masonry.

Our desire to embody the same values, heritage, skills and craftsmanship that go into making exquisite handmade jewelry meant that this was the perfect name for us. Boru was born, and we remain dedicated to bringing that intense passion and craftsmanship to our business and your family, every single day of the week.

No other Irish jeweler has had the honor of designing high profile personalized pieces for President Obama and Hollywood elite like the one and only Whoopi Goldberg. Our wedding bands have even been used in the successful TV series, ‘Vikings’! We like to think we are doing Brian Boru’s memory proud.

We hope you enjoy looking through our product collections as much as we have enjoyed crafting them. We have tried to capture all what is Ireland, our culture, history and beauty in our products and now in our website. Whether you are far from home or just have an interest in Ireland and all it encompasses we hope we can bring you a little closer to this beautiful island.

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