Claddagh Engraved Cufflinks in Silver

Claddagh Engraved Cufflinks in 10K Yellow Gold

Claddagh Engraved Cufflinks in 10K White Gold

Claddagh Engraved Cufflinks

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The Claddagh, the most internationally recognized symbol of Irish heritage is made up of two clasped hands holding a crowned heart, and symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty.

Legend has it that the Claddagh symbol was originated by Richard Joyce, a Galway seafarer kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa where he learned the art of a goldsmith.

When he was released, nothing could keep him from his beloved Galway where he returned to become a master goldsmith and where he created the Claddagh ring.

These Claddagh cufflinks embody the symbols of that original Claddagh ring, hold the same sentiments and have the addition of a rich Celtic pattern.

They are available in sterling silver and in 10K yellow or white gold.

Weight: 4.4gms approx.

Width: 15.9mm Diameter

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