Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring in 14K White Gold
Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring

This Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring is a beautiful engagement ring.

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This Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring is a beautiful engagement ring. We also have the matching Sapphire Design Wedding Band to go with Claddagh Ring.

This Sapphire and Diamond Claddagh Ring comes in 14K yellow or white gold. The center Sapphire stone is approx. 0.59-0.63 Cts and is also surrounded by stunning diamonds.

The Claddagh is one of the most popular symbols in Irish jewelry. Legend has it that Richard Joyce, a Galway native, was captured and sold to slavery in North Africa. However, Joyce found himself slave to a Turkish silversmith, and from his master he learned and excelled at the craft.

Joyce was released after 14 years and returned to Galway where his sweetheart awaited him. But while in captivity, he had made what we now know as the Claddagh Ring especially for her. The heart symbolizes love, the hand’s friendship and the crown loyalty.

Celtic designs have been a symbolic tradition for thousands of years and often signifies a true love bond, as is the case with the Claddagh: the heart and hands design.

Claddagh rings are worn as friendship, engagement or wedding rings depending on how they are worn.

  • Friendship: by placing the ring anywhere on your right hand.
  • Engagement: by placing the ring on the third finger of your left hand with the heart pointing outwards.
  • Wedding: by placing the ring on the third finger of your left hand with the heart pointing inwards towards your heart.

This is an Irish made engagement ring. This Claddagh Ring is available in both yellow and white gold and is finished to the highest standards by our goldsmiths in Dublin. It is then assayed at Dublin Castle, your guarantee of quality. It is also presented in a luxurious ring box.

SKU: ENG34-S-14KW-5

Weight: 4 grams approx.

Height: 8.7 mm approx.

Width: 2.6 mm approx.

Stone Details: 1 x 0.59 – 0.63 Cts Indian Sapphire Plus Conflict free diamonds. 0.15 Cts.

Colour: H

Clarity: Si1

Nestled in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains lies Boru ®, home to the finest Celtic jewelry craftsmanship. We put our heart and soul into every piece we create – designing, handcrafting and hallmarking everything with our unique Boru ® style and attention to detail.

Working as a team, we have made many exclusive designs imagined by our customers and realized by our design team and craftsmen.

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We put our heart and soul into every single piece of jewelry we create – designing, handcrafting and hallmarking everything with our unique Boru® style and attention to detail.

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