Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium in Silver

Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium in 10K Yellow Gold

Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium in 10K White Gold

Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium in 14K Yellow Gold

Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium in 14K White Gold

Filigree Celtic Cross – Medium

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The Irish Celtic Cross has been a symbol of faith for centuries in Ireland whether the belief is pagan, Christian or another religion.

However it is most widely known as a powerful symbol of Irish heritage. Originally crafted in stone Celtic crosses predate Christianity and in pagan times the circle of the cross represented the sun.

It was not until the 4th century AD when it was introduced by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the Celtic cross was used to represent Christ’s victory.

During the great conversion of many pagans to Christianity, Christian philosophers adapted the Celtic cross and taught the meaning of the circle to represent Christ, the centre of Christianity.

This open worked filigree cross really shows off the Celtic knotwork to its base and arms and the intertwining patterns of the sun circle.

It is available in a variety of precious metals.

Weight: 4.2gms approx.

Width: 19mm / Height: 29.3 mm approx.

Includes 18″ Spiga chain.

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Design Finish

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An Oxidised Finish

is where the ring is given a dark grey or black finish – Only available on Sterling Silver

A Polished Finish

is where the whole ring is fully polished which gives a shiny look all over

A Florentine Finish

is where the background is sandblasted to give a light grey or white look – Raised areas are Polished

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