Celtic Warrior ® Shield Ring – Extra Wide with Trims in 10K White Gold

Celtic Warrior ® Shield Ring – Extra Wide with Trims in 14K White Gold

Celtic Warrior ® Shield Ring – Extra Wide with Trims


The Ardagh Chalice from the 8th century is Ireland’s most prized artefact and is held in the National Museum of Ireland.

It is widely recognized as one of, if not THE, most important pieces of Celtic art found. A girdle of ten filigree panels of animal design, interlacing and shield decoration surrounds the neck of the chalice.

It is from these ornate designs that Boru has been inspired to create their much loved Celtic Warrior Collections and are what form the basis of the intricate designs featured on each piece.

The Celtic Warrior collection is steeped in history and harmonizes beautifully with traditional or contemporary jewelry pieces.

Boru produce this ring in a variety of widths and finishes, all of which are finished to the highest standards and are assayed at Dublin Castle. They are accompanied by a story card and exquisitely packaged.

Weight: 2.3gms approx.

Width: 12mm approx.

Celtic Warrior® is a Registered Trade Mark of Boru Jewelry® Limited

from US$1,777.20 ex VAT

Design Finish

Boru® offers a number of different finishes on our rings.

An Oxidised Finish

is where the ring is given a dark grey or black finish – Only available on Sterling Silver

A Polished Finish

is where the whole ring is fully polished which gives a shiny look all over

A Florentine Finish

is where the background is sandblasted to give a light grey or white look – Raised areas are Polished

We put our heart and soul into every single piece of jewelry we create – designing, handcrafting and hallmarking everything with our unique Boru® style and attention to detail.

  • Handcrafted in our Dublin workshop
  • Guaranteed and hallmarked
  • Beautifully presented