Our Packaging

Beautifully presented

At Boru ®, we believe that there should be a sense of expectation, excitement and promise when you are opening a box of jewelry. Our packaging was very much designed with this belief in mind. We’ve approached it with the same thoughtfulness and originality that we use in our jewelry design – we don’t leave making an impression to chance.

All of our pieces are presented in individual presentation boxes. Each box is wrapped in soft touch paper, while the interior has been crafted with luxurious micro fiber material. The exceptions to this are our bangle and bracelet boxes, which have a sumptuous velvet interior.

As you can see here, our cream interiors have a sophisticated purple accent. There is also a simple but elegant ribbon effect on the box fronts, complete with our Boru ® logo of a crown and swoosh.

Boru ® packaging. Gorgeous to look at, fabulous to hold.

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We hope you enjoy looking through our product collections as much as we have enjoyed crafting them. We have tried to capture all what is Ireland, our culture, history and beauty in our products and now in our website. Whether you are far from home or just have an interest in Ireland and all it encompasses we hope we can bring you a little closer to this beautiful island.

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