Claddagh Catalogue

Boru ® were the first designer to use the Claddagh symbol on a Wedding Band. From your traditional Claddagh right through to our New York inspired Claddagh designs inspired by the Chrysler Building in NYC.

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Bridal Catalogue

Consisting of the many of our stunning Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings including the original Mo Anam Cara Ring and our Gealtanais Siorai (Promise) Irish worded designs.

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Celtic Warrior Catalogue

As the designers of the Original Celtic Warrior ® Collection we are proud to show you our stunning Celtic Warrior ® design which has been inspired by the knot work design on the Ardagh Chalice which is currently housed at the National Museum in Dublin, Ireland.

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Signature Catalogue

This catalogue incorporates many other Irish symbols including but not limited to the Trinity Knot, Celtic Knot Work, Harp, Shamrock to name but a few on many pieces of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, cuff links, crosses etc.

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Heraldry Catalogue

Again another first for Boru ® as the first to use Family Crests on jewelry. Why not have your Family Coat of Arms on a Pendant or pair of Cufflinks! The perfect gift to show off your heritage! We can also customize to include your School or College Emblem, or even your favorite Football Team of Band!

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What clients say about us

“My husband and I wear Boru ® wedding bands. They are stunning. Very comfortable and beautiful presentation. The price is reasonable for the size and substantial feel of the band. Highly recommend.”

Melanie T.