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Celtic Knot Meaning : Irish Jewelry Symbols

by Lisa
19 April 2021 · 3 min read
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One only has to travel the Irish countryside or even the high street to see eye catching seemingly never ending, looping Irish knots. These are ancient symbols that date back to times far beyond Ireland itself and even the Celts. These are stunningly beautiful and ethereal shapes demonstrate a sense of otherworldliness and mysticism that has led to awe in wonder in people for centuries. In this blog we will discuss many of the common shapes that we now incorporate into our designs here at Boru. It’s important to note that these are common meanings and associations that we enjoy. As these shapes are so ancient their meanings vary to many different cultures and periods. You may well know other meanings and stories relating to these shapes depending on your interest, background or source. The main thing is that we should all celebrate these incredibly complex, geometric shapes from the Book of Kells to the Phoenicians.

Triquetra: The Trinity Knot

The Triquetra or the Trinity knot is probably the most instantly recognisable of the ancient Irish knots. This strikingly beautiful knot is composed of three intertwining oval shapes that combine into a triangular shape with a point going up and to each side. This shape is extremely captivating as like many Irish geometric knots they do not seem to have a beginning or an end. To the ancient Celts this represented eternity the Triquetra has many associations also with the number three – a magical number. These represented things such as earth, wind and fire (the elements in the universe), birth, life and death (the stages of life), past, present and future (time) or in a more religious context Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This elegant pattern is an incredible way of adding a layer of depth and mystique to a ring. See our ring below for reference.

The Dara Knot and the Tree of Life

This fascinating interwoven knot is known as the Dara knot. Dara or ‘Doire’ means ‘Oak Tree’ in Celtic which is often connected with the eternal tree of life linking back to Celtic and Norse mythology. The concept behind this complex and perfectly crafted design is meant to represent the network of the oak tree’s root system. Like the trinity knot above this is an infinite design with no clear beginning or end. The Tree of Life itself is commonly linked to the Druids an ancient pagan order in Ireland. This tree represents perfect balance stretching out equally in every direction with branches going up and outwards while the root weaves down and outwards. This image changes very little if flipped over or seen from upside down. In Celtic mythology trees represented their ancestors providing a link between heaven and earth. Adding this design to a ring offers real meaning and depth linking the wearer back to thousands of years of history.

Tree of Life Dancing Stone Pendant

Celtic Lovers Knot

The Celtic Lovers Knot is an adaptation of the Triquetra knot. It shares many of the common elements of a traditional Celtic knot with no beginning or end but in this instance it is meant to represent the everlasting love of a relationship. Its name in Irish is an ‘anam cara’ knot meaning ‘soul’ and ‘friend’. This woven design clearly shows the merge of two lines becoming one showing the new identity and shared vision of a dedicated couple. This design perfectly captures a sense of individuality and jointness without the need for words. When crafted by our experts into the metal it adds another deep meaning showing this eternal knot in a permanent symbol of a ring. This is a charming and intimate gift ring or wedding ring to that special person as a token of your endless love and support through classical Celtic art.

Whether you want a statement piece linking to your heritage or simply want to enjoy a breathtaking crafted piece of jewelry we are here to help you on your journey at Boru. For a truly unique piece of jewelry see our video below featuring our signature Damsha (dancing) cubic zirconia ring which is set perfectly within a trinity knot encompassed by an interwoven encrusted heart. At Boru our rings are born of passion with a piece of our heart and soul in every Celtic ring we craft.


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