Celtic bangles that are a must-have for your collection

by Lisa
20 January 2022 · 5 min read

Are you looking for the perfect gift to offer someone on a special occasion? Or perhaps you are looking to expand your collection of unique, handcrafted jewelry. Either way, we are here to help you choose the perfect, heartfelt and meaningful piece of jewelry you surely hope to find.

Celtic bangles are the perfect Irish gift for someone who, like the Ancient Celts themselves, values handmade tradition and symbolic meaning. We’ve put together a list of Boru Jewelry’s emblematic bangles, from the Celtic Warrior® collection sporting shields that stand for fearlessness and bravery, to the delicate and elegant Damhsa bangles featuring dancing stones.

Celtic Warrior® Bangles

Original Celtic Warrior® Shield Bangle.                          Small Celtic Warrior ® Bangle – with 18K Gold Bead

Inspired by the Ardagh Chalice, one of the most valuable vestiges of the old Irish Church, dating back to the 8th century AD, the Celtic Warrior® bangles are a symbol of bravery. Their design is an ode to Irish history and its heroes.

Like the Ardagh Chalice itself, the Celtic Warrior® bangles represent the craftsmanship of seasoned goldsmiths. The intricate design of the bangles matches against the gold filigree band of the Chalice. The beautifully carved shields that are the mark of the Celtic Warrior® bangles are a tribute to heroes such as Cú Chulainn, Fionn Mac Cumhail and Queen Maeve, who continue to influence Irish culture to this day. 

➽ Find out more about these unique warrior-inspired designs by browsing the Celtic Warrior® Collection.

Sword of Nuada Bangle

Part of the Celtic Warrior® Collection, this Sword of Nuada bangle owes its name and design to the legend of King Nuada of Tuatha de Danann (‘the people of the goddess Danu’), the ancestors of the Irish.

Nuada remains a famous figure in Celtic mythology, remembered for his peculiar weapon. This weapon was known as Claimh Solais, the Sword of Light. The sword of Nuada was one of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danann. According to the legend, no one could escape or resist the blade once it was taken from its sheath.

Boru Jewelry’s Black Rhodium Sword of Nuada Bangle and Nuada Silver Bangle with Gold Plated Bead represent a tribute paid to this legend, carrying a piece of history within themselves.

Claddagh Bangles 


Claddagh Bangle with Gold Heart.             Claddagh Silver Bangle 

Claddagh Bangles incorporate one of the best-known and easily recognisable symbols of Celtic culture. Each of the three elements of the Claddagh symbol stands for something. The two hands are the sign of friendship and can be traced back to the Latin expression mani in fede (‘hands joined in faith’). The heart is, tellingly, the symbol of love. Finally, the crown is the mark of loyalty.

Being adorned with the symbol of love, loyalty and care, this collection of Claddagh Bangles would make perfect gifts to express your purest feelings for a special, loved one.

Soulmate Bangles

Nothing would say ‘I love you’ better than these Soulmate bangles. The exclusive Mo Anam Cara (‘my soulmate’) collection is inspired by the Celtic belief that, when you connect with a person so much that you open up completely and have a trusting relationship, you have found your soulmate. Such a deep connection deserves to be celebrated.

These specifically designed Soulmate Bangles are there for you to express your complete love and devotion. Choose the perfect handmade bangle for your significant other.

                Ogham / Soul Mate Bangle                Mo Anam Cara Bangle


Celtic Tree of Life Bangle

This delicate Celtic Tree of Life Bangle features one of the most important symbols in Celtic mythology. The Crann Bethadh, or the Celtic Tree of Life, is the mark of wisdom, harmony and balance. It also symbolises rebirth, a concept given by the seasonal changes of the tree.

The Druids believed the tree to be the symbol of the connection between all worlds: heaven, earth, and the underworld. Its roots symbolise the deeply rooted Celtic heritage, the trunk is the mark of family power and unity, its branches stand for the lifelong quest for learning and wisdom, and its leaves, flowers and fruits are the symbol of rebirth, of eternal growth.

➽ Discover more about the intricate design and profound meaning of Boru’s Celtic Tree of Life Cuff Bangle.

Damhsa Bangles

Damhsa bangles have a unique feature. The stone set in them is, quite literally, dancing. The Irish word damhsa, meaning ‘dance’, inspired this beautiful particularity. The dancing stones cast sparkles and glimmers with your every movement.

This Dancing Stone Trinity Bangle showcases a centre green dancing stone flanked on each side by another famous Irish symbol, the Trinity Knot. Also known as the Triquetra, its Latin meaning is ‘three-cornered’. Originally, the triquetra was the symbol of the neopagan goddess as a maiden, symbolising innocence, as a mother, representing creation, and as a crone, the mark of wisdom. As such, the Trinity knot represents the stages of a woman’s life.

But the knot is also the symbol for eternity, being the first sign used in the Christian religion to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

➽ If the dancing stones have caught your eye, have a look at this Damhsa Bangles Collection.

Choosing the perfect Celtic bangle is definitely not an easy task, but the uniqueness of these carefully handmade pieces of jewelry will be worth it. They represent an ode to the inspiring Irish heritage, a connection to a deeply rooted history, and care for the purest values and feelings, such as love, hope, courage and strength.

Whether you are looking for something elegant, with an intricate design, or something simpler, you cannot go wrong with these meaningful pieces delivered to you by Boru Jewelry’s skilled crafters, made with passion and care.


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