Silver Celtic Triskele Earrings in Silver

Silver Celtic Triskele Earrings

These Silver Celtic Triskele Earrings are a stunning symbol of Celtic heritage and culture.

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These Silver Celtic Triskele Earrings are a stunning symbol of Celtic heritage and culture. They have two Celtic Triskele symbols, with one of the symbols enclosed by a circle of clear Cubic Zirconia stones.

The Triskele is a complex ancient Celtic symbol, consisting of three interlocked spirals. These spirals are believed to represent motion. This is because all three arms are positioned to make it appear as if it is moving outwards from its centre. It also represents a tale of forward motion to reach understanding.

The Triskele features in both ancient and modern Celtic art. It evokes the Celtic interpretation of the three realms of material existence. This is the earth, water, and sky. The symbol is also thought to portray the three Celtic worlds. This is the spiritual world, the present world and the celestial world.

The Triskele is widely regarded as one of the oldest Irish symbols in existence. The earliest creation dates back to the Neolithic era, as it can be seen at the entrance of Newgrange, which dates from approximately 3200 BC.

The meaning of the triskele is diverse and also has many possibilities. This Celtic symbol is far more complex than others and has much prominence in modern day Celtic jewelry.

We also have a matching Silver Celtic Triskele Pendant to go perfectly with these Silver Celtic Triskele Earrings.


Weight: 3.9 grams approx. per pair

Width: 10 mm approx.

Height: 30 mm approx.

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