Silver Bangle Ogham My Soul Mate in Silver

Silver Bangle Ogham My Soul Mate


The ogham alphabet is the earliest form of Irish writing. The characters consist of a series of lines and notches scored across a long stem.

It was usually read from bottom to top. It is named after the warrior Ogma, God of Eloquence and Literature. There are over 350 Ogham stones still standing in Ireland. Boru has created a unique range of Ogham jewellery translating traditional Irish love quotes into this ancient alphabet.

The Anam Cara design is Boru Jewelry’s signature brand, originally designed in the mid ’90’s, it is still a firm favourite worldwide.

In Celtic tradition it is believed that when you connect with that special other person and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together.

Should such a deep bond be formed, it is said you have found your Anam Cara or “Soulmate”.

This sterling silver wire bangle has the Anam Cara sentiment on the front disc in both Gaelic & Ogham script.

This is a beautiful piece from one of Ireland’s best Celtic jewellers. It is handcrafted to order by skilled craftsmen and is assayed at Dublin Castle.

Weight: 12gms approx.

Disc Height: 14.8mm / Circumference of bangle: 23.4 mm approx.

Bangle designed to fit standard 7 1/2″ wrist size.

from US$219.60 ex VAT

We put our heart and soul into every single piece of jewelry we create – designing, handcrafting and hallmarking everything with our unique Boru® style and attention to detail.

  • Handcrafted in our Dublin workshop
  • Guaranteed and hallmarked
  • Beautifully presented