Oval Celtic Knot Locket in Silver

Oval Celtic Knot Locket

This Oval Celtic Knot Locket is a very traditional Celtic locket.

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This Oval Celtic Knot Locket is a very traditional Celtic locket. The locket is in sterling silver and it has an embossed traditional Celtic Knot to the front.

The locket is hinged and it opens to keep your memories near and dear to your heart. It allows you to put a precious photo or memento of a loved one inside. What will you keep in yours?

Celtic knots come in a variety of designs and are ingrained with Irish culture legacy. For over 1500 years complex knotwork has defined Irish art and metalwork. Great examples of Celtic knot patterns appear in the ornamentation of early Christian manuscripts such as 8th Century Book of Kells.

Celtic knots are also engraved on Celtic crosses and Celtic Stones all around Ireland. These still stand thousands of years later. They also elevate stunning ancient treasures like the Ardagh Chalice.

These knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent eternity whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. This is the eternity of love, the cycle of life and the constant changing of the seasons in nature. This Interlaced Celtic Pattern Pendant is said to represent the interconnection of life and our place within the universe.

We also have plenty of Signature Earrings that would match well with this Oval Celtic Knot Locket.


Weight: 1.9 grams approx.

Width: 13.8mm approx.

Height: 19.9mm approx.

Chain: 18″ Spiga

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