Antique Celtic Triscele Pendant

Antique Celtic Triscele Pendant
Product Code: BP31

Celtic patterns richly decorate our illuminated manuscripts such as the 7th century Book of Kells and have become contemporary patterns for modern day fashion. Their abstract designs and symbols of nature and animals easily translate to unique jewelry pieces.

The Triskele predates Christianity and was the Celtic symbol of the Goddess Odin. The symbol decorates our illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells and is found on Celtic crosses and Celtic stones all around the country.  It is most notably found inside the Newgrange passage tomb, on the entrance stone, and on some of the curb stones surrounding the mound. One of the hardest Celtic symbols to decipher as it was so frequently used; it is thought to represent motion, movement, energy, change and progression. It is also thought to portray; life-death-rebirth, spirit-mind-body, mother-father-child, past-present-future and the three Celtic worlds; the spiritual world, the present world. the celestial world. In more recent times it has taken on the Christian meaning of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This sterling silver pendant has an oxidised background which compliments this modern day take on an ancient Celtic design. 

Weight: 4.5gms approx.

Width: 18mm / Height: 22.5mm (exc. bail) approx.

Includes 21" Belcher chain.


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