Tree of Life Disc Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

Tree of Life Disc Pendant with Cubic Zirconia
Product Code: BPH1-BPD5

Why have one pendant when you can have many?

This is our Celtic Disc holder pendant and chain with the Celtic Tree of Life disc. 

Changing  a disc couldn't be simpler. Once the chain is removed from the pendant the disc opens in two allowing you to remove one disc and replace with another. Close it and pop the chain back on to secure the disc in the pendant.

This disc depicts the Tree of Life. Trees were an important part of Celtic beliefs and culture. The Celts always left a single large tree growing in the center of every field they cleared and the space under its branches became the meeting place for chieftains. It symbolised knowledge and the continuity of life as it lost its leaves in winter and began to bloom again in spring. The roots of the tree symbolised where we came from, the branches our journey through life and the leaves the future. There is a choice of nine different disc patterns for your interchangeable pendant - collect them all! 

Weight: 14.1gms approx.

Width: 27mm Diametre

Includes 20" Belcher chain.


















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