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After two centuries of Viking domination, Brian Boru became the last High King of all Ireland in 1002. His patriotism and personal sacrifice brought warring clans together, under one king, for the only time in Irish history.

This was a time of unsurpassed glory, prosperity and happiness. Boru earned his name as Brian of the Tributes’ by collecting monies from the Chieftains of Ireland and using it to restore monasteries and places of learning that had been destroyed during the invasions. Capable and energetic, Brian Boru established himself as a patron of the arts and learning, and presided over a period of great craftsmanship of jewelry, incredible manuscripts and intricate stone masonry.

Brian Boru ruled until 1014, when he died during the successful defense of Ireland against Norse invaders during the Battle of Clontarf in Dublin.

Inspired by our last great king, and with a desire to replicate the values, heritage, skills and craftsmanship that go into making exquisite handmade Celtic jewelry, we called ourselves to Boru Jewelry. We continue to create pieces of jewelry that are handcrafted in Ireland, beautiful in design and of the finest quality.

Boru Jewelry strive to be the True Kings of our craft. Whether it be a handmade wedding band, pendant or locket, each cherished piece combines the sacred traditions of Irish heritage with highly-skilled modern craftsmanship and design.

Today, the manufacture of the company’s products is based on a highly perfected craft process which is difficult to reproduce with technological processes.

The company is producing a high quality premium product range, with established market acceptance, both in Ireland and internationally.

We strive to achieve a world class, friendly and efficient service to our customers, both at home in Ireland and across the United States of America, Canada, Australia and Europe. Boru Jewelry produces its ranges of jewellery in all precious metals, 10k, 14k, 14k white, 18k, 18k white, platinum and Sterling Silver.