Gents Hand Engraved Seal Ring-Extra Heavy

Gents Hand Engraved Seal Ring-Extra Heavy
Product Code: G900

Heraldry is the profession, study, or art of creating, granting, and blazoning arms and ruling on questions of rank or protocol, as exercised by an officer of arms. To most heraldry is the practice of designing, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arms and heraldic badges. Historically, it has been variously described as “the shorthand of history” and “the floral border in the garden of history”. Though the practice of heraldry is nearly 900 years old, it is still very much in use. Many cities and towns in Europe and around the world still make use of arms. A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design on a shield, escutcheon, surcoat, or tabard. A coat of arms is used to cover, protect, and identify the wearer. Thus the term is often stated as “coatarmour”, because it was anciently displayed on the front of a coat of cloth in European societies.

Hundreds of individual symbols, shapes and mottos make up your family coat of arms - Heraldry is as individual as you are!  This is a seal ring, the centre shield is left free for your family coat of arms, college emblem or family motto. The artwork is done in reverse on the ring so that you can use it as a seal. The wax imprint of the seal is supplied with the ring.

An ideal milestone jewelry piece. Available in sterling silver and in both 10K & 14K yellow and white gold.  


Width: Band - 5.5mm / Seal: 15.3mm x 18.2mm approx.



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