Celtic Lion RIng

Celtic Lion RIng
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Throughout their history the Celts depicted the animals in their lives and included them in their artwork and creative endeavors. Celtic animals were drawn as symbols, with fantastic bold shapes,sweeping curves and rich decoration that hold a fascination for those who view them. The Celtic lion is a protector and symbol of virtue, nobility and strength.

This Irish designed Celtic ring has a stylised lion featured at the top of the ring, the sides are decorated with the much loved Trinity Knot. The Triquetra predates Christianity and was the Celtic symbol of the Goddess Odin. The symbol decorates our illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells and is found on Celtic crosses and Celtic stones all around the country. The Trinity Knot has been adopted from ancient Celtic art by Christianity as a symbol of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Spirit. To the Celts it is believed to have meant many things; mind, body, spirit; earth, sea and sky and beginning, middle and end - continuity.  The Trinity Knot is the most well known and loved of all Celtic knots and in modern times has been given as a token of promise; to love, to honour and to protect. 

This ring is available in sterling silver and in both 10K or 14K yellow or white gold.

Weight: 7.5gms approx.

Width: 4.7mm at the bottom of the band / 10.8mm at the top approx.


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