Antique Celtic Torc Ring

Antique Celtic Torc Ring
Product Code: CTR10

The Torc was originally a rigid decorative metal neck ring which was created using various metals. Images of Celtic gods and warriors are often seen wearing gold versions and armlets and anklets were popular amongst Celtic women as far back as the third and first centuries BC.  Torcs were highly decorated and those made of precious metals were used for battle and ceremonial dress. They were symbols of strength and status.

Our Torc designs are based on The Broighter Torc which is held at The National Museum in Dublin. 

A very unique ring - this is made in Ireland by skilled craftsmen and is assayed at Dublin Castle.  It also comes in a beautiful gift box together wtih story card and would make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one.

Weight: 5.6gms approx.

Width: 5.5mm at bottom of band / 5.8 at the top approx.


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