Stone Set Gents Traditional Celtic Ring

Stone Set Gents Traditional Celtic Ring
Product Code: CTR2SS

The Celts were masters of symbolism and it showed in their ornate jewelry decoration. Simple twists and turns, unending knots and stylised animals all left us with messages of the past that we will take thousands of years to fully understand.

This Irish desinged Celtic ring is a lovely example of the rich decoration that was found on many Celtic pieces and in the illuminated manuscripts of the 8th century. 

A clasic ring that is full of history and heritage but a unique contemporary piece that will never go out of date.

It is available in sterling silver and in 10K & 14K yellow and white gold.  this is the stone set version which is set with an emerald coloured cz stone.

It is Irish made and is assayed at Dublin Castle.

Weight: 6.5gms approx.

Width: 5.4mm at the bottom of the band / 8.6mm at the top approx.

Stone Details Green cubic zirconia stone

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